Air Force Marathon

Volunteer Registration closes on August 31. We are near the minimum quota for the number of amateur radio volunteers that it takes to properly support this big event.

To volunteer, go to the web page and select VOLUNTEER NOW. You will be redirected to the portal at where you will need to create an account. Select VOLUNTEER and sign in. Select the pull-down list under “Volunteer With Us”, scroll down and select “Volunteer on Saturday, September 16th, 2023”. Continue to scroll down and fill out the required information. Be sure to include your Call Sign in the appropriate box. Below that box, under “Amateur Radio Operator” click the box for “Add to order”. Continue to the bottom of the page and select your t-shirt size. “CONTINUE” to submit your registration.

Also, please report that you have signed in by sending a message with your name and callsign (and preferred email, if different from the account you sent it from) to

Schedule information:
Sunday, September 10 , 6PM — Training session at BTFD61
Presentation should last about an hour, T-shirts will be distributed
Parking passes and access credentials for those who need them (most of you will not need them)
Attendance is optional, but recommended
Training materials will be available on-line if you wish to train yourself
Friday, September 15, afternoon — Command area set-up (Area NE of the Museum)

Voluntary–stop by if you are interested, help is always welcome another opportunity to pick up your t-shirt.

Saturday, September 16, THE MARATHON (and 10 k and half marathon) specific times to be announced, but expect a gate entry time no later than 6am.