Getting Licensed

 How to become an Amateur Radio Operator

There are many, many links on the internet about this topic. This page is by no means an exhaustive reference. Our internet here is to give you some basic starting points for the totally un-initiated person who has an interest in Amateur Radio (also called Ham Radio) and its various uses and purposes, and how to go about getting licensed to operate Ham radio equipment in the United States.

The links in the box on the right of this page are current and are a nice sampling of information on how to become a Ham radio operator.

The author has been a licensed ham for 18 years now and I have gotten many benefits from being a ham, and I have met many, many wonderful people that I would most likely never have met if I were not in the hobby. Most hams will express similar reflections.

 Anyone of any age, gender, race, profession, can get their license for this hobby. All that is required is a little bit of study of the rules, operating procedures, and small amount of radio theory, and a 35 question test.

EEEEEKK !  A TEST?  EGAD- I can’t pass a test!!!

Sure you can.
You can even practice and practice using one the links here on the right
 to make sure you are ready.

If a 10 year old Child can do it, You can Too! 

Check out these links. Give it a whirl. And send us an email to let us know you took the plunge
and GOT YOUR LICENSE,  ‘cuz I know you can do it!

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Good luck and 73 from XWARN
de N8ACU and W8XRN