April Meeting 4/12/21

Tonight’s meeting will still be at the Fairgrounds, but we will be in the old furniture building (building closest to the track).
Please pass along to those you know that might not get the email.
Elizabeth, KE8FMJ

Meeting Cancelation January 11, 2021

We have decided to cancel the XWARN meeting that was scheduled to be
held this coming Monday, January 11.

Instead, we will have a short net on the 147.165 (123.0) repeater,
beginning at 7:30 PM.

There are many among our group that do not wish to have social contact
and the College Football Championship game takes place at 8:00PM, so we
expect that the turn-out would be very very light.

Plus, there is no business on the agenda, no events to report. And, this
is your reminder that 2021 dues can be paid by mail or PayPal.

Hopefully, we will return to normal, soon.

Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ

XWARN Christmas Party 2020

After some deliberation, we have decided to have the XWARN party. We have a place. We believe that we can arrange tables to maintain adequate separation. We have some games to play. Why not?

There are several uncertainties. We could be banned from meeting due to recent increases in infection rates. We understand that many members will choose to avoid the risk associated with gathering together. Typically, we get just over three dozen people at the December party, but it seems unlikely that we will have that big of a group.

So here is what I suggest:

Plan to arrive at the Dining Hall building at the Greene County Fairgrounds between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Monday, December 14. After we assemble, we can order pizza to be delivered. As usual, you will pay for your own meals. It is fine if you would rather bring your own food.

Wear a mask before entering the facility. Plan to arrange the seating so that you are not sitting across the tables from others unless they are members of your own household or others with whom you have frequent contact. As you prepare to leave for the meeting, consider putting a call out on the 147.165 repeater to check if it is still on.

I hope to see many of you there. Regardless. I hope that everyone has a great holiday. Stay safe!

Event Signup

Bob Baker N8ADO

P.S. The Beavercreek Cross Country Boosters have postponed indefinitely the Resolution Run. The New Year’s Eve Amateur Radio VE Test Session will not be held.