February 2024 Events

5 XWARN Monthly Net, 147.165+ 123.0 7:30pm6 Greene County DMR Net, 310557 8:30pm6 GCARES Voice/Digital Net, 146.910 9:00pm7 Ohio ARES D3 Net, 145.110 8:00pm12 XWARN Monthly Meeting, OSU Extension Building 7:00pm13 Greene County DMR Net, 310557 8:30pm13 GCARES Voice/Digital Net, 146.910 9:00pm14 Ohio ARES D3 Net, 145.110 8:00pm20 Greene County DMR Net, 310557 8:30pm20 GCARES Voice/Digital Net, 146.910 9:00pm21 Ohio ARES D3 Net, 146.820 8:00pm27 Greene County DMR Net, 310557 8:30pm27 GCARES Voice/Digital Net, 442.725 9:00pm28 Ohio ARES D3 Net, 146.820 8:00pm28 GCARES Meeting, Station 61 Community Room 7:00pm

October 1 SET

This Saturday, October 1st, sometime after 9am, Greene County ARES will be simulating an emergency, along with many other counties and states. Most often, emergencies cannot be planned. The aim of this exercise is to test out the emergency notification system and subsequent contact by amateurs to a net control after receiving the notification. Directions will be given with the notification as to frequencies and modes to make contact. Further comments will be given at check-in. Although this is an ARES run exercise, I encourage and hope all amateurs within the area will participate. You do not need to be…

CANCELED [Gcares] Statewide Tornado Drill Net Wed Mar 23 9:50 AM

*****Due to the potential for severe weather tomorrow, the statewide tornadodrill has been officially cancelled. There is currently no planned date tomake-up the drill. We apologize for any inconvenience.***** Greene County will have a Weather Net on Wednesday, March 23, beginningat 9:50 AM as part of the Ohio Statewide Tornado Drill. It will be conducted on the 147.165 (+) (123.0) repeater. (Backup willbe 146.91 (+)) Since this is during working hours for many of us, we will call forshort time check ins early in the net, so you will need but a fewminutes to participate. Please try to join in….