Hall of Honor

The XWARN Hall of Honor was created in 2006 with the Purpose of recognizing and honoring those dedicated members who have given a great deal of time, effort, and work to this club, the Ham Radio Hobby, and who has made an everlasting impression on XWARN.

Candidates are selected each year in December by the clubs elected officers, and a Majority Vote of the officers is required for each of the candidates to become Inductee into the Hall of Honor. Inductees must be Licensed Amateur Radio Operators and a voting member of XWARN at the time of their induction. SK Honorees must meet this requirement at the time of their death.

2006Wendell Boggs, K8DPK, SKFounding Member
2006Bret Boggs, NV8IFounding Member
2006Henry Garcia, W8GYC, SKFounding Member
2006Truman Boerkoel, K8JUG, SKFounding Member and Creator of original XWARN website
2006Jack (John) Shidemantle, K8JXGFounding Member
2006Don Barcus, WD8PSC, SKFounding Member
2006Noel McKeown, WB8QQCFounding Member
2006Roy Lee, K8AXQ, SKFounding Member
2006Betty Lee (Harris), WD8BBPFounding Member
2006George Potor, W8NTYFounding Member
`2006Warren Groves, SKFounding Member
2006Rick EdwardsFounding Member
2006Norm Meranda, KE8EX, SKFounding Member
2006Paul Kendall Stevens, WD8EWD, SKFounding Member
2006Bill BrooksFounding Member
2006Don Hinton, W8RTL, SKFounding Member
2006Jim Simpson, KF8JFounding Member
2006Bill Randolph, SKFounding Member
2007Steve Hubertz, KC8GDR, SK
2008Bob Guthrie, WA8LYM, SK
2008Steve Mackey, N8ILR
2009Mike Crawford, KC8GLE
2009Tom Norris, N8YFW, SK
2009Mary Norris, N8YGX
2010Janese Brooks, KD8DGB
2010Phyllis Haller, KC8QCK
2011Jim Beller, KC8OKU
2011Dave Crawford, KF4KWW
2012Bob Baker, N8ADO
2012John Seitz, N8ACU
2012William Taylor, N8YGS
2013Janice Crawford, KD8CFN
2015Rick Brooks, KD8DGA
2021Eugene "Gene" Fischer, KX8GCS SK
2021Elizabeth Klinc, KE8FMJ
2021Lorin "Travis" Lansing, KE8LTL
2023Mark Avery, KE8NHT