Hamvention 2022 Update

14 weeks and counting

Hams and vendors hoping to attend Hamvention 2022 are asking questions about plans to deal with COVID. Hamvention management is monitoring the situation closely. General Chairman Rick Allnutt, WS8G, has issued the following statement:

“We strongly anticipate that the Hamvention 2022 is a go. We cannot guarantee what government may decide about unknown changes in the pandemic. It has become obvious that the State of Ohio is very unlikely to call a halt to large gatherings anytime soon. Despite a recent large spike in Omicron COVID cases and hospitalizations, there is no move to restrict large indoor or outdoor events such as sports events.”

Allnutt added that he anticipates the official state guidance may be to recommend (but not require) wearing a mask and social distancing. Hamvention will support state guidance. We do not anticipate checking immunization status on site.

Some have asked whether COVID testing will be available at Hamvention. At this time there are no plans to have testing on site. Watch hamvention.org for any updates dealing with the COVID situation.