2021 Hall of Honor additions

At the annual Christmas Party on December 12th, 2021, 1 Silent Key member and 2 active members were added to the XWARN Hall of Honor.
Based on nominations and a vote of The XWARN Officers, Gene Fischer (KXGCS/SK), XWARN President Elizabeth Klink (KE8FMJ), and Travis Lansing (KE8LTL) were added for 2021.

Gene served with the Xenia police from 1983-2003, the Greene County Sheriff since 2003 and was well respected in the law enforcement community. After his involvement with Hamvention’s move to the Greene County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center in 2017, Gene earned his amateur radio license and became active in XWARN and other area clubs and activities. He recently created the first 4H Club for Amateur Radio and was dedicated to bringing Amateur Radio to all the children of Greene County. His certificate was presented to his wife Gail.

XWARN President Elizabeth has been successful at adding new members to the club. She also rose to the challenge of how to get in-person meetings going again after the COVID-19 lockdown and found a meeting location that was open for our use and that could accommodate appropriate social distancing. She has been the most active member in various public service activities who had not yet been inducted into the hall. She also participated in a number of other events in which XWARN took part, such as Field Day and the Greene County Fair. She is active in a number of amateur radio activities besides XWARN. She serves as Emergency Coordinator for the Greene County Amateur Radio Emergency Service. She is a committee chair for Hamvention. She is the Laurel Volunteer Examination Session coordinator for Greene County. Elizabeth, welcome to the Hall of Honor.

Travis was nominated and added for his work with the XWARN website, the XWARN logo and all around helpfulness to the club.