$70 End Fed Half Wave Antenna Kit for 10/15/20/40 Meters

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ARRL has partnered with HF Kits to bring you this easy-to-build 4-band antenna kit: an end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antenna. We built it in the ARRL Lab, set it up outside, trimmed the wire for the lowest SWR, and got it on the air. Now it’s your turn!

The advantage of an EFHW is the ease of construction, it’s versatility in a variety of installation configurations (sloping, horizontal, L, etc.), no tuner is needed, and this one works on 4 bands: 10, 15, 20, and 40 meters. We chose a 250-watt rated antenna so you can comfortably transmit the full output power from many off-the-shelf HF transceivers (typically around 100 watts).

Building the kit is easy. You’ll drill, fasten, and solder (a small amount). Most everything goes into the included weather-proof box. Admire, then deploy!

Who needs this antenna?

  • New licensees. Build something, and you’re no longer a licensee…you’re a ham!
  • New HF operators…and anyone seeking an antenna that covers the bands that will become increasingly active with Solar Cycle 25.
  • Every Field Day site
  • Experts…because you’ll appreciate a quality kit, and you’ll end up with a great antenna you can take with you anywhere (think vacation).
  • Radio clubs seeking a perfect kit for your next project building night!


  • Bands: 10/15/20/40
  • Power rating: 250 W PEP
  • Impedance network type: 49:1 with included ferrite toroid
  • Wire antenna length: includes 66 feet (approx. length) of strong, flexible, and low weight wire
  • Coaxial cable feedline sold separately
  • Required assembly tools (you supply): drill and drill bits, pliers, wire cutter, sharp knife or sandpaper, soldering iron and solder, screwdriver, marker
  • Assembly instructions: arrl.org/end-fed-half-wave-antenna-kit

Parts (included)

Impedance network

  • P65 enclosure 100 x 100 x 55 mm with weather sealant and screws 4x
  • Toroid Amidon FT240-43
  • Toroid mounting plate
  • Stainless steel M3 6mm screws 4x
  • Stainless steel M3 split lock washer 4x
  • Winding wire 1.0 mm
  • Cable ties 8x
  • 100 pF capacitor 2kV
  • SO-239 chassis mount connector
  • Stainless steel M3 bolt 12mm 4x
  • Stainless steel M3 nut 4x
  • Stainless steel M3 washer 4x
  • Stainless steel M3 tooth washer 4x
  • M3 cable lug
  • M5 cable lugs 2x
  • Stainless steel (A4) M6 strain relief
  • Stainless steel M6 nut
  • Stainless steel M6 washer
  • Stainless steel M6 lock washer
  • Stainless steel M5 bolt 25mm 2x
  • Stainless steel M5 wing nut 2x
  • Stainless steel M5 nut 4x
  • Stainless steel M5 washer 4x
  • Stainless steel M5 tooth lock washer 4x
  • Stainless steel M5 split lock washer 4x


  • 66 feet (approx. length) of strong, flexible, and low weight wire
  • 2x Stainless steel cable clamp
  • 1x end insulator
  • 1x cable lug 5mm
  • 1x Heat shrink sleeve for cable lug