XWARN was formed as a result of the 1974 tornado, part of a much larger tornado outbreak up and down the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, that damaged much of the city of Xenia. XWARN still provides weather reporting services to the National Weather Service through Dayton Skywarn.

Weather Spotting

Every year starting in early Spring, NWS Wilmington conducts weather spotter training sessions across its coverage region. Stay tuned for a list of 2020 training sessions.

Reporting on the Greene County Weather net (147.165+ 123) does not require training, but it is recommended so that only relevant information is communicated reducing unnecessary traffic on the net. A quick reference is available to help you get started.

XWARN is developing a spotter and net control operating guide for the Greene County weather net. Stay tuned for more information.

Weather Resources

We have collected a variety of links to resources that may be useful if you like to keep tabs on weather and want to know more about disaster preparedness.