Public Service Events

XWARN, like many amateur radio clubs, are always happy to assist with public service events such as runner and bicycle marathons, horseback riding events, parades, etc.

We provide multipoint communications for the safety and well being of participants in these events. With our radio systems, we are able to place observer/communicator volunteers along various points of your events route.

We are not a policing agency.

We do NOT control traffic and

We are NOT Medical personnel.

We are simply communicators.

We relay information to your control point for your event.

If your organization is planning an event and you would like to have Amateur Radio Communication Support, or you would like to know how we can help your events, contact Mike Crawford KC8GLE at

XWARN does not claim any ownership, responsibility, nor sponsorship to any of these events. We simply provide short and medium range communications support to these events, at no charge to the organizations for the well being of the participants.