Field Day 2024 Update

Location: Beavercreek Fire Station 61, west end of complex (2195 Dayton Xenia Rd)

Set up begins at 9 am, but do not park in the west end lot until the CPR class dismisses around noon.

Heat is going to be an issue. Cold water will be on hand, but it may be in high demand. If you can bring water and/or ice to help keep the supply sufficient, that would be appreciated.

Bring a chair. There are no chairs, benches, picnic tables, etc. If you find an empty chair to sit in, you are taking someone else’s seat. Please be considerate and bring your own.

If you have a piece of equipment to try out, we will try to give you a chance to do so, but we are limited in how many transmitters we can have in operation. Please don’t expect us to bend the rules. Our entry class
is 3F.

The official start of the operating period is 2 pm Saturday. We will operate as much of the 24 hour duration as we can stand.

We will have a potluck picnic starting at 5:30 Saturday. Chicken and water will be provided, but the rest of the meal is potluck. We will have paper plates and plasticware.  We cannot provide a means for heating food or keeping things cold.

We intend to have two air conditioned operating shelters. We may be able to double up the stations or it might be possible to set something up inside the building. Finding out what works is part of the adventure of Field Day.

We invite everyone to experience and/or observe the radio operations, but please don’t loiter in the limited spaces. Give others a chance.

Guests are always welcome. You do not need to be an XWARN member to participate. In fact, we will have operating opportunities for non-hams and we will even provide instruction on exactly what to do. Please sign the log regardless of your level of participation.

The heat may cause us to make sudden changes in our plans, so please be understanding.

And don’t forget to bring a chair.

Bob Baker N8ADO