Simulated Emergency Test October 7, 2023

We will test the notification system (based on Hyper-Reach). Operators
will be instructed to check-in with the Resource Net on the 147.165 (+)
(123.0) Repeater.

The Resource Net (147.165 +offset 123.0 Hz tone) will take check-ins,
acknowledge the stations, and ask a few questions. Volunteers who have a
standing assignment to provide communications support to a particular
served agency will be instructed to deploy to that location and to
check-in to the tactical net. Those who do not have such an assignment
or who are unable to physically deploy will be instructed to check-in to
the tactical net from their current location.

The Tactical Net (146.91 -offset no tone) will take check-ins from the
stations that have been sent there from the Resource Net, they will be
acknowledged, and asked some questions. We are not acting in support of
a scripted scenario for this drill, so they will then be released from
the Tactical Net and instructed to return to the Resource Net to
check-out of the exercise.

Checking out of the Resource Net provides an accounting of volunteers so
that we know that none of the participants are standing by awaiting
further instructions after the incident has been resolved. This simple
exercise has only one tactical net, but more complex incidents might
have several tactical nets and volunteers might transfer to another
county’s net and we need to keep track of where they have gone.


The initial notification is planned to go out on Hyper-Reach at 10:15
and both nets should be active shortly thereafter.

If you do not receive a Hyper-Reach notification by 10:30, please check
into the Resource Net.

If you are planning to to deploy to a served location, feel free to
report to that location prior to receiving the activation notice. We
desire to minimize the time required to conduct this exercise. We will
have an active station at the Greene County EMA and we need to be
mindful of the the time required of the staff.

We hope to close the nets by 11:30.

Our DEC has not scheduled a District Net, but we will report our
participation level to the DEC and SEC via Winlink.


Often, the SET exercise is conducted to support a scripted incident,
perhaps a weather related disaster. On April 8, 2024, there will be a
total eclipse that will be visible from our area. There is likely to be
a significant influx of visitors that could result in traffic snarls,
supply problems, communications difficulties, and other issues that
might overload the existing infrastructure. We should consider what we
might do to be ready to support our served agencies to deal with such
issues. However, the plans that are being discussed are not very well
developed, so it would be premature to script an exercise for this SET.

I think that it makes sense to put together a drill to be conducted in
late February or early March.

I had considered creating a scenario where we needed to find the source
of radio transmissions. This might simulate trying to find a downed
aircraft or simply to find the source of interference to regular
communications. A few of you have experience in radio direction finding,
but I realized that we need to build some basic skills before we conduct
such an exercise. I am offering to conduct a workshop on this. My
schedule is open on the afternoon of Sunday, October 22. If you have
interest, let me know ( If you cannot make Oct 22, but
would like to have an opportunity at a future time, let me know.
Required equipment: portable two meter receiver with a signal strength
meter. That’s it–you probably have one of these.  A directional antenna
(a Yagi, perhaps) that can be easily transported would be very useful. A
variable attenuator is handy (either switched steps or offset type).
When the signal source is close by, it can be very difficult to figure
out where it is coming from. A useful technique is to search for the
weak third harmonic that is generally present. This requires a receiver
capable of 432-444 MHz (which is most dual band ham transceivers). A
directional antenna for the 70 cm band would be useful for this. If
there is enough interest, perhaps we can conduct a “fox hunt”, just for fun.


Beavercreek Twp FD is having their Fire Prevention Week Open House at
Station 61 from 10–1. XWARN has been invited to display their
Communications Support Trailer. We plan to operate the Resource Net from
this Mobile Communications Center. Some of you will be involved in the
open house. Stop by the trailer and check in.

Bob Baker N8ADO