2021 Air Force Marathon Volunteer Update

Dear Volunteers,

As you may or may not have heard yet, the 25th Air Force Marathon in-person event has been cancelled and will now be held as a virtual event.

As one of our volunteers and supporters, we wanted to reach out directly and thank you for supporting our event over the last 25 years. Our team was very much looking forward to celebrating our 25th Anniversary with all of you in-person this year and we understand that this is disappointing news for all, our team included.

We are planning on hosting a packet pick-up for local participants and we will be mailing out virtual packets again this year. We will have limited volunteer opportunities available and we will reach out to all volunteers once those details are finalized. If you are not able to volunteer for either opportunity, we hope that we will continue to have your assistance at future events.

If you or your volunteer group were already registered to volunteer for the 2021 Air Force Marathon, your volunteer registration has been cancelled and you do not need to do anything further for your volunteer registration. Our volunteer registration site is currently closed and we will reach out to all with new volunteer opportunities in the future.

Once again, we want to thank you for your support of the Air Force Marathon and we will sorely miss seeing you all this September. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns and we look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Air Force Marathon!


The Air Force Marathon Team

Youngs Dairy Bike Tour

It’s time again to seek volunteers for the Young’s Dairy Charity Bike Tour that will be on Saturday, September 11th. The ONE day tour covers several Ohio counties, comprising up to 100 miles, so a large number of ham radio operators will be needed. The tour starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday from Young’s Dairy, which is on Highway 68, north of Yellow Springs, and extends north to Bellefontaine Ohio and then returns back to Youngs Dairy. There is a bike path route for a portion of the return trip. We are not responsible for tracking riders on the bike path, but we may cover a few key intersections.

We are in need of very many operators for this event. Please consider coming out, if only for a portion of the day.

For the southern part of the course we will be using the Springfield 145.310 Repeater with a 82.5hz tone.
For the northern part of the course we will be using the Bellefontaine 147.000 Repeater with 100hz tone.

Please contact Mike Crawford, if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering for this event.

ARRL Now Provides FREE RF Exposure Calculator

The FCC has adopted guidelines and procedures for evaluating environmental effects of RF emissions. The new guidelines incorporate two tiers of exposure limits based on whether exposure occurs in an occupational or “controlled” situation, or whether the general population is exposed or exposure is in an “uncontrolled” situation.

Under the new FCC rules, some amateurs need to perform routine station evaluations to ensure that their stations comply with the RF exposure rules. This can be as simple as running an online calculator to determine the minimum safe distance between any part of your antenna and areas where people might be exposed to RF energy from your station. Although amateurs can make measurements of their stations, evaluations can also be done by calculation.

To make this easy for amateurs, ARRL now provides an RF exposure calculator on its RF Exposure page. To use the calculator, enter your transmit peak-envelope power (PEP) and operating mode, and answer the questions about the maximum amount of time you might be transmitting. The calculator will give you the minimum distance people must be from your antenna and human exposure.

You can print the results and keep them in your station records. There is no requirement to send your results to the FCC.