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Dec 1, '24
Dec 2, '24(2 events)

7:00 pm: XWARN Net

Dec 2, '24

Frequency: 147.165+ pl 123.0 –

8:30 pm: Ohio Section ARES DMR Net

Dec 2, '24

The Ohio Section ARES DMR Net is a digital voice net at 8:30 pm every Monday on the Ohio Statewide Talk Group 3139. See your local DMR repeater for setup. (The Greene County DMR repeater is N8NQH 444.8750(+), Color Code 13, and uses Timeslot 1 for the Ohio Statewide Talk Group 3139.)

Dec 3, '24(3 events)

6:00 am: GCARES Winlink Net

Dec 3, '24

To join the GCARES Winlink Net, just send a Winlink message to W8LRJ using a local Winlink RMS gateway such as the GCARES gateway at W8GCA-10 445.010 MHz simplex, an HF gateway, or via Winlink Telnet any time on Tuesdays between 6 am and 9 pm. All messages will be acknowledged the next day. Note there is another Winlink gateway at W6CDR-10 145.010 MHz simplex with coverage over most of the Miami Valley. You can learn about Winlink and download the free software here.

8:30 pm: Greene County DMR Net TG: 310557

Dec 3, '24

The Greene County DMR net meets every Tuesday at 8:30 pm local time on Talk Group 310557 on the N8NQH DMR repeater in Bellbrook, OH (444.8750+ CC: 13). This net is for the discussion of DMR in general and training in DMR net operation. This net is open to all amateurs. You do not need to be a member of any local or national organization or live in Greene County to participate.


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9:00 pm: GCARES Voice and Digital Training Nets

Dec 3, '24

The GCARES Voice Net can be heard on the GCARES 2m repeater at 9:00 pm on Tuesdays followed immediately by the Digital Training Net.

Dec 4, '24(1 event)

8:00 pm: District 3 ARES Training Net

Dec 4, '24

The District 3 ARES Training Net can be heard at 8 pm Wednesdays on the Miamisburg Wireless Association WA8PLZ repeater 146.820(-) (77.0 Hz tone).

Dec 5, '24
Dec 6, '24
Dec 7, '24